Considerations in Buying a Home Office Desk

Considerations in Buying a Home Office Desk

A desk is not an item that is purchased regularly. Customers struggle to decide a fair price to pay and where to go to find a desk that meets their specific needs. The search to identify a desk that fits the customers style, budget and home is a significant job. We recommend that during this process the buyer considers the following: 


One of the first considerations in buying a home office desk will likely be online vs in-store purchase. Online stores reduce overhead costs that will inevitably be passed onto customers, so it is likely to be more affordable to purchase an item online. It is important to ensure you are dealing with a trustworthy online desk store. We sell online and provide our home address on our website because we believe the only mail we will be receiving from our customers is fan mail!


Shipping a desk is very common, particularly when shopping for desks online. Consideration is required around the cost of shipping the desk now and in case you move locations in the future. Our desk is flat packed to reduce shipping costs. It is also very easy to move from location to location because it is the easiest desk in the market to set up and break down. We guarantee it will fit in the back of any car!


Self-assembly or flatpack furniture is the new norm when it comes to desks because desks are expensive to ship when they are fully assembled. It is important to consider the complexity of the flatpack furniture. Some flatpack desks require several tools and screws which can make the desk difficult to set up and frustrating to move locations. The Strap Desk offers the best of both worlds. Simple self-assembly and pack-down using our innovative strap system.  


Space is becoming a valuable commodity. It is worth considering how much room you want your home office desk to take up. The Strap Desk has room for a laptop, textbook and coffee, so it is small enough to turn a corner of your bedroom or hallway cupboard into a work from home office.


Durability and weight are useful to consider when deciding where to buy a home office desk. The timber used in constructing the desk will decide the durability and weight. Cheap materials like MDF will bulge if moisture gets into the wood and they tend to be more easily damaged than more hardwearing materials like plywood. Also, different materials will have different weights, for instance a mahogany desk might look nice, but good luck moving location! The Strap Desk is made from plywood because it is durable and light. 

See our material comparison chart below: (Wood graph)


In 2020 the world faces unprecedented global warming. The sustainability of your home office desk is an important consideration and location of manufacture will have a significant impact on the sustainability rating. Buying local and from countries that use renewable sources of energy reduces the environmental impact of energy intensive goods like desks. Our desk is made in New Zealand and manufactured using clean, green New Zealand plywood to reduce our impact on the environment and support the New Zealand economy.


Finally, consider the return policy that comes with the desk. Desks often come with a hefty price tag, so it is a good idea to ensure the company you deal with respects their customers and provides a fair and clear return policy. The Strap Desk can be returned within 30-days for a full refund of the purchase price.

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