Covid19: The Origins of the Strap Desk

Work from Home with Strap Desk

Jason and Ged are co-founders of Stint. The pair have opened other businesses together, including a doughnut shop. They love the challenge of building something from nothing.

In early 2020 the New Zealand government proactively locked down New Zealand to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Hundreds of thousands of people had to change the way they worked and work from home. Jason and Ged decided, amidst the chaos presented by the pandemic, there was an opportunity to build a great business around working from home.

During the lock down the pair noticed their flatmates, who were working from home, moved locations regularly and struggled to find appropriate spots to work productively. They decided to build them a work from home desk. Not just any desk... It was set to be the easiest desk in the world to set-up, breakdown and move whilst remaining large enough to host a laptop, book and breakfast coffee.

The Simplest Work from Home Desk in the World: Strap Desk

Jason is an industrial designer, so he set about creating the desk. His research led him to believe removing screws and making the desk light weight, but durable, was essential to solving the flatmates problems. A few computer aided drawings of the desk and some prototyping concluded the ultimate work from home desk was on the horizon.

The Covid-19 lock down meant the pair could not access the computer numerical control cutters required to build the desk accurately. However, nothing was going to stop them from helping their flatmates... They grabbed the jigsaw and got to work. It was a little wobbly due to a lack of building nous, but the first StrapDesk work from home desk was born.

The desk was named the StrapDesk by one of the flatmates because it used a strap (rather than screws) to bring the pieces together quickly. It was built from 18mm New Zealand plywood, so it was durable and light. The flatmates love it and Jason and Ged plan to make the rest history.

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