How it Works

Step 1: Video footage is pre-ordered in 3 race, 6 race, 12 race and all-race video packages

Step 2: If the pre-order target is met we film and live stream all races (if not, we refund all pre-orders). We only film if we meet the pre-order target.

Step 3: Everyone that pre-orders is emailed a list of races (post-racing) to select their desired race video files

Step 4: Video footage is distribute. The footage can be used in motivational prize giving videos, promotions to sponsors and for coaching analysis. It is your footage to do with as you please.

The details for pre-orders are as follows:

  • $50 receive your choice of 3 race videos
  • $75 receive your choice of 6 race videos
  • $100 receive your choice of 12 race videos
  • $300 receive all race videos