Bennett Shield Regatta Live Stream Video Footage School Rowing 3

Bennett Shield Regatta Live Stream

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We will only film and live stream the event if pre-orders reach $1,750.00 by November 01, 2020 23:55. We will refund all pre-orders if we do not reach the $1,750.00. Select the number of races, for which you would like video files, in the drop-down below. We will live stream and record all races. After racing you will be sent an email to select your desired race videos. We will then distribute them to you.

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We film all races and stream them live to Facebook. We only live-stream if we meet the pre-order target. If you place a pre-order you will be emailed a list of races to select and footage will be distributed after racing. The footage can be used in motivational prize giving videos, promotions to sponsors and coaching analysis.

The details for pre-orders are as follows:

  • $50 receive your choice of 3 race videos
  • $75 receive your choice of 6 race videos
  • $100 receive your choice of 12 race videos
  • $300 receive all race videos